Strategic consulting in the field of marketing, investments and public-private partnership

Services for business:

  • Development of investment projects and business plans
  • Attracting investments and bank lending
  • Conducting marketing research
  • Increasing efficiency in distribution and sales
  • Strategic planning and management consulting
  • Attraction of government support measures: industrial parks, subsidies to small and medium-size enterprises, obtaining the status of a resident of special economic zones

Project experience:


Conducting more than 20 full-scale marketing researches on various industries in the context of the Russian Federation and the world market. Award Nominee of the Corporation "Best Business Partner for Strategic and Marketing Consulting".

Apple Europe

Marketing research of the MP3-players market in Russia.

The AFK Sistema

Marketing research of the various segments of the market of consumer electronics.


Marketing research of the market of consumer electronics in 47 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation. 
Restructuring of commercial service (development of organizational structure and optimization of business processes), development of KPI.


Marketing research of the TV market. Selection of top managers in the commercial service.


Marketing research of regional markets. Complex of services for PR-support.


Processing of the results of partners’ and customers’ own marketing research, preparation of analytical report.

HYUNDAI Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.

Market research of construction equipment market for world's largest producer actively entering Russian market.

Trade House “Electronics” (ТМ “SUPRA”)

One of the leading manufacturers of electronics and household appliances in Russia. Research and development of marketing strategy in the direction of “Tableware”.


The project on practical assessment of the websites of insurance companies (leading in the field of online sales of popular insurance products), performing of a series of control purchases.

Gazprom household systems (Gazmash)

Development of marketing strategy, distribution and sales management.


Conducting of marketing research, evaluation of the applications and the website.


Regular (monthly) monitoring of the leading players in the insurance market.


Marketing research: "Express research of the world market of flexible polymer packaging".

Customer feedback:

Methodological materials:

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